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The oceans are suffocating in plastic waste, entire ecosystems are in danger.


With the birth of my children, my view of the importance of environmental problems has changed dramatically. I grew up by the sea, so the ocean as a source of life is especially important to me. As an athlete, I wanted to create products that combine functionality with aesthetics and thus free the seas of plastic waste.


There had to be a solution that did not exist until then: not just a bikini, but a statement of reliability and sustainability.


INASKA created therefore sustainable swimwear and sportswear made from recycled nylon. The nylon is made from recycled fishing nets and other plastic waste, turning waste problems into sustainable solutions. The greenhouse effect is up to 80% lower than in the production of nylon from crude oil.

Since its founding, we have cleared the oceans of the equivalent of 2 tonnes of plastic waste and thus made an important ecological contribution.


Every year, up to 12.7 million tons of plastic get into the sea. That’s about half of all marine life. The released microplastics are absorbed by marine animals as food and therefore lands in the food chain of humans. Plastic particles harm all living things and should not land in the sea. We support Surfrider EU for every sustainable bikini, swimsuit or leggings you buy. This will give you eco-friendly swimwear while ensuring the seas from plastic pollution.


Short distances, against climate change. Our global climate-neutral shipping helps to compensate greenhouse gases and secures your environmental footprint.


CO2 is emitted with every parcel transport. Our climate-neutral shipping compensates the greenhouse gases produced by shipping with climate protection projects. We ship both nationally and internationally with GoGreen. In addition, we ship plastic-free and garbage-reduced. We do without any unnecessary packaging extras. This will not create unnecessary waste for us and for you, and your bikini will be sustainable from the start of production until the shipping. Learn more about our sustainability efforts under “Eco”.

We are not only offering you stunning eco-friendly products, but also contribute a small part to keeping our blue planet as beautiful as it is.


FranziSKA & Team



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