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Let’s talk about size inclusion!

Let's talk about body, height and height. Or rather, why we as a young, fair label do not offer bikinis and activewear for all body shapes and sizes. Because that's a big topic, in our community and for us as a sustainable company. Your critical and benevolent comments, your requests and suggestions for improvement are so important and valuable to us. We see it as part of our responsibility not to exclude any body shape! Because: Firstly, we think that every woman has a right to a perfectly fitting and beautiful eco bikini. Second, the fact not to exclude any body shape should be part of our responsibility as a sustainable brand. So we'd like to explain why we can't do just that yet.

There are two reasons for limited sizes: know-how and economic restrictions
So far we have covered sizes 34 (XS) to 42 (XL). It is therefore obvious that we use standard sizes and do not use larger or very small sizes. We also see the very high demand for bikinis for women with narrow underbusts and large cups. There are two reasons for these limited sizes: KNOW-HOW and economic restrictions. We are a young and still quite small label. Female owned, female founded. We are a team of six women or better friends, four mothers and two students. In particular, our founder and managing director FranziSKA gives everything for our great company and our success up to this point. INASKA grows and with the growth our economic scope grows as well. We develop and improve for our customers every single day.

A big step in the new direction; Size XXL
Now we can go an important step further. In 2021 we are expanding our range of sizes to include size 44 (XXL) for the WILD and PURE bikini tops, swimsuits and leggings. This is a big step in the right direction for us. Through our community we have found great women who support us here. We invite you to fitting, sharing and shooting. We are very pleased. We are also thinking with our new tailoring expert for underwear & swimwear, Rebecca, about developing a cup size for one of our models – in order to be able to combine every shape with every shape. For example, also for very small cups, because that is also part of the size inclusion for us. A complex development step that takes time.

If INASKA doesn’t suit you, then we’re wrong – not your body! We see and hear you!


We love every body!
And we hope that one day we can make ALL strong and beautiful women happy with our swimwear and sportswear. Until then: WE LOVE EVERY BODY! For us, this means that every woman’s body is unique. You are just as perfect as you are with every curve and every scar, because every body is beautiful in its own way. Give yourself and your body a moment of self-love and be proud of what your body does for you every day. If INASKA doesn’t suit you, then we’re wrong – not your body! We see and hear you!

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