Inaska Shake your Orangenhaut

Shake your orange peel skin

What have we not already talked about here? About large breasts, small breasts, beloved breasts, unloved breasts, menstruation, free bleeding, hair, body hair, scars, dents, moles. About your own body feeling, about supposed beauty standards and very, very much about self-love.

These are topics that move you and us. Attitudes to one’s own body change with age, with a newly learned acceptance and also through the change in the imagery that we see every day. In the mainstream, we often continue to see flawless photo-shopped faces, skin, and bodies.

Inaska Nachhaltige Bademode Schwarz Frauen

Here are the good news: the imagery, especially on Instagram, is changing. The body image shown now looks partly different, more natural, more real. Thick, thin, supposed blemishes, body hair, pimples, skin problems, cellulite, more integrative and diverse.

We thought we’ve seen it all. But we don’t.
Among our beautiful Fuerteventura pictures, we often get positive comments about the dents and stretch marks of our models. 98% of all women have cellulite, so it is clear that models also have it. Since we don’t retouch our pictures, we show the skin as it is. And we think that’s nice. But have you ever seen a decent orange peel in leggings in photos? We are not. There are no dents in leggings on our campaign images. This is by no means because we have retouched here. Although the great women who are photographed for us on Fuerteventura in INASKA do not have supposedly flawless bottoms and thighs, our leggings probably hide the optical problem area or at least they are not recognizable through the camera lens.

Inaska Bademode Sportmode Hellblau Frauen

The elephant in the office: don’t other women have that?
Our topics are swimwear and sports fashion, so we deal with bodies in bikinis, swimsuits and leggings every day. And we have bodies ourselves in bikinis, swimsuits and leggings. Then the summer slowly said goodbye in Hamburg, the first days of leggings came and suddenly the elephant was in our office. How do we feel about our own dents in leggings, which, depending on the perspective, can also be clearly seen? And the elephant made Pawoo and asked: Why is that never shown in pictures? Don’t other women have that? If, as mentioned above, 98% of all women have cellulite, then that means that many leggings are made with dents on the thighs and buttocks. It has been scientifically proven that women * have little influence on their own connective tissue.

INASKA Bikinihose High Waist

Men are significantly less affected due to their anatomy. Sure, age, diet, exercise and weight play a role, but most of it is simply a disposition. Thin and overweight women have cellulite. So if you want to hold someone accountable, then not your beautiful bodies, you better turn to your mothers and grandmas and complain!

To make one thing clear: We are talking quite lightly here about the purely cosmetic problem of connective tissue, i.e. cellulite, dents, spider veins. Optical normalities against which there are a lot of creams, shapewear, brushes and other products on the market.


To make one thing clear: We are talking quite lightly here about the purely cosmetic problem of connective tissue, i.e. cellulite, dents, spider veins. Optical normalities against which there are a lot of creams, shapewear, brushes and other products on the market. Lipedema or serious connective tissue diseases fall into a completely different category and should be treated medically. Regardless of the origin, we somehow have the feeling that we have learned that they are not considered beautiful. It’s actually a shame, what if we were shaped differently? Would the elephant in our office then be a beautiful butterfly?

Leggings or not?
Do you hide or are leggings also ok as pants if a woman * does not have smooth skin? Leggings are known as a garment for many occasions – sports, leisure, as a layer, for sleeping. An all-rounder. And a piece of clothing that has just recently experienced an even bigger revival thanks to the home office. And that is often laughed at a lot. However, it is seldom discussed that leggings, at least worn solo for sport, can also be a problematic item of clothing for many. Leggings, especially for sports, often have the function of concealing, shaping and smoothing. Keep everything in place, make the bottom look rounder, the legs slimmer, the skin firmer and smoother.

It’s about feeling good in leggings and more!
We think that clothes should make you feel well wrapped up, comfortable and also like to feel a little more beautiful. It seems counterproductive to show leggings through which the orange peel can be seen, doesn’t it? And leggings in light pastel tones? Oh my, can’t you see every dent much more through the fabric? When it comes to leggings, it’s probably like almost anything else: it all comes down to personal preference. One likes solid material that holds everything together a little, the other wears leggings above all for wonderful comfort, so it should be as soft and delicate as possible. Some wear leggings as a substitute for pants because of their sporting function in everyday life, for others this may be a no-go. And in relation to the beloved dents?

INASKA_Cellulite_Körperbild normalisieren

An honest INASKA moment: Leggings do not help against cellulite
Here is an honest INASKA moment: We wear leggings in all situations. For sports, business meetings, chilling out, in the office. With dents and without. We promise comfort, functionality, a great fit and sustainable material. But our leggings do not help against cellulite. It is important for us to stand up for a realistic body image. In our leggings you look just as beautiful as you are. We have cellulite. Do we think that’s good? No, that’s okay. Can we live with that? But hello! Do we proudly wear our dents in our leggings?
Shake your orange peel skin!!

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