Swim-Play-Collection 2022

INASKA x Manitober
Kinder Kollektion

Gender-neutral, sustainable children's clothing meets highly functional, resource-saving swimwear and activewear: INASKA and Manitober are launching the first unisex children's collection together.

Two sustainable companies from Hamburg, one mission. INASKA and Manitober have each been thinking about expanding their range to include children's swimwear for some time. It has to be gender neutral, true to the line, multifunctional, of course radically sustainable and made in Europe.
So why not put together expertise in unisex children's clothing and expertise in resource-saving materials and swimwear and activewear? Add great people and a big dose of fun and you have highly functional sustainable swimwear for kids.

Gender-neutral swimwear - is that even possible?

Garments that are so close to the naked bodies of small children, in a world that is so much shaped by gender role stereotypes, also raised many questions. 64 percent of parents in Germany have specifically looked for or bought a gender-neutral product for their children at least once. Nevertheless, many parents still rely on typical boys' and girls' clothing. So how should unisex swimwear be designed? Which items of clothing can actually be implemented gender-neutrally? How does swimwear have to be cut so that it actually fits different bodies? And is there actually a unisex swimsuit?

First priority: Protect our children!

Children should have fun in the sand, in the water and in the sun and at the same time be free from the early childhood imprint of gender role clichés, free from sexualization and simply be free in their movement. The delicate children's skin should only come into contact with non-toxic, skin-friendly material and be well protected from the sun's harmful rays. And last but not least: From production to sales to the take-back system, everything is based on the premise of preserving the beautiful planet for these children and future generations and making it a little bit better.

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What can adults do at INASKA and Manitober?

The Manitobers are experts in gender-neutral, durable children's fashion that relies on robust materials. Manitober stands for sustainable unisex designs in bright colors with a high recognition value. Children's clothing for everyone that is fair, practical and cool. Sustainability is particularly important thanks to a sophisticated take-back system to extend the product life cycle. INASKA adds resource-saving, highly functional & recycled materials in signature colors to Manitober's cool unisex designs, which are absolutely skin-friendly, quick-drying and have mechanical UV protection 50+. Because the adults at INASKA are experts in multifunctional swimwear and activewear that can be worn all year round. INASKA and Manitober produce fairly, sustainably and socially in Europe.

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And what do the children want?

Children want to play, romp, swim, read, splash around, build castles and just do nothing. Children want to BE.

With the Swim-Play Collection from INASKA x Manitober, all this is possible with maximum functionality, freedom of movement and cool designs.

The unisex collection includes long- and short-sleeved UV shirts with matching UV tights and leggings, a UV swimsuit with short pant legs and sleeves, board shorts, terry cloth hoody, oversized beach shirt and hats for optimal sun protection. The individual parts of the Swim-Play-Collection can be perfectly combined with each other and are versatile. For sports, leisure, swimming pool, beach and pool. For small and large land and water rats. For all children.

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