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BELLA | Our No. 1 for sustainable B2B topics and marketplaces


If you don’t know how to be, be like Bella! She is our queen of sustainability with a weakness for fashion and a heart of gold. She lives consistently in a way that is suitable for grandchildren, eats organically, regionally and seasonally, uses food sharing, cycles in wind and weather, never flies and consumes unpacked, waste reduced and plastic-free. She is actively committed to environmental protection and represents 100% of her values for a greener, more equal, more open, more diverse togetherness. It is INASKAS ecological conscience and therefore attaches great importance to these principles when selecting cooperation partners. There are two things that make Bella weak: her beloved plants. From Pilea to Monstera Variegata, everything that makes the plant’s heart beat faster is represented in the urban jungle. And Christmas. She bakes and decorates and turns her jungle into a winter forest.


Favorite item: Swimsuit CHILL Sand

Favorite topic: Sustainable Supply Chains

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Meet the Team Frauenpower INASKA Bella Kundenservice nachhaltige Bademode Sportmode
INASKA Meet the Team Gründerin Geschäftsführerin




As an ecotrophologist, what could be more natural than founding a company for swimwear and sports fashion? Exactly, pretty much everything. So she founded her company during parental leave and used her ecological and social awareness from the start. She is always on the move and quite quickly, she is not afraid to change direction, take the wrong turn or say no. FranziSKA loves and respects nature, especially the sea. She is a passionate beach volleyball player and has created something with INASKA that she was looking for herself. Not only functional, aesthetic eco swimwear and sports fashion, but also a space for sustainable growth and learning. Starting a company, strengthening a team, raising two children at the same time and staying true to herself and her values makes her a role model for a generation in which equality and sustainability must be linked.


Favorite item: Top CHILL Black, Bottom FREE Black

Favorite topic: Sustainability in sport

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Our wonder woman who combines topics such as body positivity and empowerment. Mareike exists in two aggregate states: Either she talks a lot, loudly and quickly, while her hands wriggle wildly in the air. Or she is very, very quietly absorbed in her books. Even as a child she loved to read a lot and made collages with advertising motifs from her mother’s magazines. Mareike is our aesthetics expert and ensures honest language in words and images. She combines topics such as body positivity and female empowerment with a sustainable lifestyle. In doing so, she continues to write the story of INASKA a little further every day. For us, her fine pinch of humor is not just the proverbial icing on the cake of your journalistic skills. She is a neat freak, but has lost the battle against disorder in life and in the apartment since she had three children. Mareike doesn’t drive car but only cargo bike and sets a real trademark with her look, not only in Bockenheim City.


Favorite item: Top PURE Sand, Bottom PURE Sand

Favorite topic: Female Empowerment

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INASKA Meet the Team Mareike Social Media

Lena | STANDS FOR Customer Happiness & Sustainable Shop Experience


Lena is that special person! If there were more Lenas, the world would be a better place. She always has an open ear for all questions, requests and concerns, including for our customers. Lena is totally crazy about Sweden, loves all Astrid Lindgren films and only eats cakes and rolls when she is in Sweden. That’s probably because her grandpa is from Sweden and she grew up in a bakery. Lena loves nature and her garden, she has been maintaining a wonderful greenhouse for two years. She enjoys doing yoga a lot and is even a trained children’s yoga teacher. She tries to live as plastic-free as possible and likes to try out new products from sustainable companies. Lena is a constant of calm and harmony, just as reliable.


Favorite item: Top PURE Teal

Favorite topic: Fair Fashion

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Elisa is a structured free spirit – she likes to rearrange everything until it fits perfectly, while she has five other ideas in mind. She is an old agency rabbit, but who appreciates sustainable entrepreneurship even more. No matter what is needed: she buys it second hand and cooks meat-free with vegetables from TooGoodToGo. She is a Baltic child from Berlin and a Berlin brat from the Baltic Sea. An orderly, controlled minimalist who loses control over coffee and chocolate. Elisa’s passion is beach volleyball – as a player and as a coach – this is perhaps also due to her longer-than-average arms. Here, after graduating from high school, she got to know FranziSKA, with whom she shares her undogmatic ecological love from the bottom of her heart and now also carries it out into the world in an entrepreneurial way.


Favorite item: Top PURE Mint

Favorite topic: Mindfulness,  minimalism

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Rebecca_Design & Schnitt



Rebecca wasn’t looking for us, but we found her! With her penchant for underwear patterns and her passion for sustainable fashion ideas, she cast a spell over us, not to mention her eyes and her empathic manner. She is always looking for the right hold for every woman and has a meticulous knack for shapes, fabrics & colors. When she’s not working for INASKA, the trained modern dancer also likes to dance with the girls through the night or through her old, new little house, which she and her husband are doing on her own and giving it a fresh design. Just like Rebecca.


Favorite Item: Top CHILL black 

Favorite topics: Second-hand, upcycling

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