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Transparency at all levels

For us, transparency at all levels is the key to a long-term sustainable fashion industry. Appreciation and compliance with fair and social standards are therefore just as much a part of our values as a transparent presentation of our prices. We therefore go one step further in our guiding principle of transparency and also disclose the composition of the sales prices.

Supply Chain

Take responsibility - for all costs

It is fundamentally important for us to show how the prices of our products are created and what the customer ultimately pays for. This contributes to a larger goal: the perception and assessability of real and fair prices among consumers. Our prices are made up of several factors such as production, storage and general operating costs.

Our Price Transparency

This is how our price in the bikini top WILD is made up

Fair prices - for a change in the fashion industry

The demand for sustainable materials is increasing, while at the same time raw materials are becoming scarce. The prices of fabrics and yarn also increase accordingly. Inflation and an increase in costs in everyday areas such as the food or energy industry lead to higher wages and rising production costs, as it is our top priority to reward everyone involved in our supply chain fairly. Global change requires willingness to change and flexibility, which is why we have to keep our sales prices dynamic.

Our prices

These factors affect our business operations very directly on the cost side. Price increases are a difficult step, because we have to consider very carefully how we can continue to offer you fair prices without sacrificing a completely sustainable and social supply chain and our high quality standards. We are therefore currently adjusting our prices slightly in order to remain true to our values for you and us.

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