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Sun, beach, swimming lake, watching, chilling, reading a good book under the umbrella, going for a long walk on the beach, lounging on the blanket with friends in the outdoor pool … and then you have your period!
For many menstruating people no problem at all – organic tampons and menstrual cups do their job and enable a wonderful day in the sun. That’s great.

For some menstruating people this is not so easy. And for very different reasons. Some people may or may not want to insert or tolerate tampons or cups. Others would like to consciously forego it, for example with free menstruation (free bleeding), in which the blood is allowed to run freely without a barrier. An irregular cycle or the uncertainty about the exact time of menstruation can lead to surprises. And reusable sanitary napkins are not really a practical solution, at least in a bikini.

Period underwear in everyday life – but what to do on bikini days?


Fortunately, there are period underwear for everyday life. Menstrual pants work practically like conventional panties, but with a special membrane they soak up the blood. The invisible absorbent layer consists of two or three layers, depending on the panty. The blood is quickly transported into the membrane below, so that it feels dry to wear. The core traps the blood so that the underwear is odorless and leak-proof. After wearing them, they are pre-washed with cold water, then in the machine and can be used again and again.


What works so well in everyday life should also work on bikini days, we thought. And Kora Mikino thought so too.


Kora Mikino removes the taboo from menstruation and we say YES to the period bikini


Kora Mikino has set itself the task of revolutionizing hygiene products, removing taboos from menstruation and freeing the natural flow of all stigmas.
We think that’s great, so we immediately said yes to the period bikini by Kora Mikino & INASKA!


It consists of the Period Beach Panty and our PURE top in black. Of course, the panty can also be combined with all other INASKA tops. The pants are suitable for all activities related to sun, water, sand, beach and more. Since the technical principle is identical to that of menstrual underwear – it can be washed out with water and reused – the pants are not a great swimmer. We therefore advise against swimming in the clear pool water. Splashing in the cool water on the weak days is possible.

Period in bikini has never been so EASY!

The black Period Beach Panty is now available in our shop and enables you to have a pleasant period in a bikini – without tampons and cups or as a relaxed back-up to your favorite hygiene products.

Our PURE top turns panties into the perfect period bikini, especially for those who want a perfect fit and support during their period but need comfort and suppleness. In this way, even sensitive breasts are optimally and elegantly packaged. On all other days you just go back to your INASKA pants. Period in a bikini has never been so relaxed.

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