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Our bikinis are all sustainable, comfortable and stable - without knots and fasteners! But which model is right for you? WILD, FREE, CHILL or PURE? Basically, every body and every need is individual.

How much coverage and support do you need to feel wrapped up and safe?

We recommend our tops PURE and WILD for women with larger cups who need more coverage and fabric in the décolleté. The WILD's strong underbust band keeps everything in place and offers perfect support. Our top PURE is for everyone who likes it particularly simple without having to forego support. FREE and CHILL, on the other hand, also like smaller breasts. Our CHILL model is particularly comfortable and perfect for wearing for hours. We recommend the FREE to anyone who wants to shape their breasts nicely despite the softer fabric. If you have been breastfeeding, the FREE is your model.

How much support or comfort do you need for which purpose of your bikini?

All our bikini tops are sports tops and can be used as such. The cozy top CHILL offers moderate support and can be individually adjusted thanks to the innovative strap system. Our FREE top offers a little more support thanks to the clever straps that are routed over the neck, nothing slips here. We recommend our tops PURE and WILD to women who are looking for strong support for all sports. The WILD top has a firm underbust band and an individually adjustable strap guide and offers the strongest hold and support of our tops.

Our Wild

Let's get WILD! Our WILDE is a real fighter by nature - strong, solid and yet supple. She is your adventurous girlfriend who is up for anything.

It really does everything, no effort too great, no wave too strong, no jump too wet, no mountain too high, no ball too fast, no run too far. And keeps everything exactly where it belongs. To make you the perfect team, our WILDE comes with an extra strong underbust band. If it fits perfectly, you can adjust yourself using the variable straps and they give you extra strong support and security. In our quartet it has the strongest power and the most coverage even for larger cups. We have made small improvements for larger cups: the underbust band has been adjusted for better comfort, the cups are wider and deeper so that the breasts can fall into them gently and with the best possible support. It's a wild ride!


pure love The elegant girlfriend, the unvarnished beauty.

Our PURISTIN accompanies you day and night, during yoga or shopping, pure or as a layer, with her it always feels natural. Our PURISTIN gives you an amazing amount of support and security, even when things get wild in the water or during sports, it is still cuddly and does not cut in. Despite its classic elegance, it has that certain extra - a deep, feminine back that emphasizes its subtle sexiness. Our PURISTIN is reversible, so despite its simplicity, it surprises with a new look. We have made small improvements for larger cups: the underbust band has been adjusted for better comfort, the cups are wider and deeper so that the breasts can fall into them gently and with the best possible support. Simplicity at its best!


Swim, Play, Chill & Sleep! It accompanies you weightlessly in all situations, swimming, in the sun, exercising, hanging out and, if you like, even sleeping.

Your CHILLER can be anything - a bikini, a bustier, solo or as a layer, your relaxed companion throughout your day. It adapts flexibly to your needs, your activity and your body. CHILL offers comfortable support and feels like a second skin. CHILL comes with a variable 4-way back, the straps can be worn in numerous ways without any pressure on the neck. CHILL is the right model for all girls who like it a little more comfortable. CHILL is varied and perfect for all sun worshipers, as the variable straps prevent imprints. We also like to wear CHILL as a bra all year round. When in doubt, chill out!


Feel free! Our FREE SPIRIT - your girlfriend, in whose company you feel young, sexy, free and unconstrained.

FREE is your classic double halter bikini with a little libre d'esprit: the delicate T-back with a little pop of color. Our FREE SPIRIT and you, together you are subtly sexy, little fabric, lots of skin, but breast flashes excluded. Because once you've got it on, you can let yourself go and feel free, no 'pulling' required, your FREGEIST girlfriend will do that for you. And it forms a beautiful décolleté for you too. FREE is suitable for anyone who wants a firm hold but doesn't want to do without a unique design. Let her be the center of attention, she likes to flash out of your shirt at every good party. Free as a bird!



We won't let you down


4-way back. Strongest hold. Wide underbust band. Without knots and fasteners. Up to E-cup.


Double halterneck. Medium hold. Puristic T-back. Without knots and fasteners. Up to D-cup.


Reversible low-cut bikini top. High comfort & medium support. Up to D-cup.
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