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Sustainable yoga leggings

We've created the perfect yoga legging for you - like your second skin. It adapts to your body and accompanies you everywhere.

We have been working on our yoga leggings for a long time. We are proud of our result. The yoga leggings are as light as a feather with only 164 grams, cooling and opaque. Of course, we use only recycled materials, which are obtained from the fiber ECONYL®. This is a regenerated fiber made from old fishing nets, old carpet leftovers and various plastic waste. This makes our yoga leggings sustainable and also actively counteracts climate change, because the greenhouse effect is up to 80% lower than in the production of nylon from crude oil. All fabrics of our Italian fabric supplier are certified with the standard 100 of OEKOTEX Class 1. This means that our yoga leggings fulfills the highest human-ecological demands.

No matter if you are a yoga professional or a yoga beginner, no matter which flow you live, whether in everyday life or during sports, our yoga leggings are your constant companion. Unobtrusive and light on the skin, but noticeably safe. So you can concentrate fully on you and your body.

Our yoga leggings have a great fit. They fit perfect to your legs and are tight. Our yoga leggings do not slip because they have a high waistband. Our high waist yoga leggings can therefore also be worn low waist. Completely according to your individual requirements. Our recycled materials provide excellent coverage, a soft and comfortable feel due to its flat and lightweight fabric properties. Our yoga leggings are made of a pilling resistant material. The seams have been reduced to a minimum and deliberately designed flat. Therefore the outside of the leg is seamless. In addition, our yoga leggings offer 50+ UV protection and high dimensional stability through two-way stretch. Chlorine, sunscreen and oil are no problem for our yoga leggings.

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We rely on the shortest distances, the climate to love. Your bikini and your leggings will come to you on the shortest and most sustainable way.

From production to delivery and packaging, we make sure that our bikinis and leggings are produced in an environmentally friendly and grandchild-friendly way. It is important to us that we do not have unnecessary transport routes, therefore our bikinis and leggings are packed, shipped and produced from the production of the yarn to the final product in Europe. So, you get a fair produced bikini or eco leggings and protect your environment. We are constantly optimizing our system, so that your sustainable bikini and your eco leggings come environmentally friendly to you. Because sustainability is not a trend for us, but a way of life.

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Our products should not only be functional but also ecological. That is why we make sure that our bikinis have a sustainable effect on the environment.

Our sustainable bikini is made of 78% recycled ECONYL® nylon. This makes our bikinis sustainable and also actively counteracts climate change, as the greenhouse effect is up to 80% lower than in the production of nylon from crude oil. In addition, the energy consumption is lower. The yarn is regenerated from old fishing nets and carpet leftovers. Therefore ECONYL® is infinitely recyclable and saves both resources and the environment.

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From the start of production sustainability is very important to us. With the purchase of each eco-bikini, about 200 grams of plastic are removed from the sea.

Jedes Jahr gelangen bis zu 12,7 Millionen Tonnen Plastik ins Meer. Das entspricht ungefähr der Hälfte aller im Meer lebenden Tiere. Das dabei freigesetzte Mikroplastik wird von Fischen als Nahrung wahrgenommen werden und landet dann letztendlich auch in der Nahrungskette des Menschen. Plastikpartikel schaden somit allen Lebewesen und sollten möglichst nicht im Meer landen. Für jede von euch gekaufte nachhaltigen Yoga Leggings spenden wir deshalb 20 Cent an Surfrider EU. Damit erhaltet ihr umweltfreundliche Yoga Leggings und sorgt gleichzeitig für die Befreiung der Meere von Plastik.

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